Not All Templates Are Created Equal…

I am sure most of us have experienced when ordering online that we don’t always get what we expected.

With over 20 years of experience as consultants who specialize in preparing private placement memorandums for companies and hedge funds, we have see it all. Some of our clients contact us to review offering documents they prepared themselves using online templates from many of our competitors. Needless to say, many of our competitors should NOT be selling online templates, so just a few things to lookout for:

  • Price is not always a determining factor on quality.
  • Make sure the template is up to date with the recent regulatory changes.
  • Make sure you can see what your buying, usually you can tell immediately whether you should buy it or not.
  • Read the “about us” page to see if the principals are in the industry and have experience preparing real-life documents or or just an attorney’s concept of how they think a offering document should look.
  • Make sure you can call and speak to someone for assistance.

I believe the fact that 38% of our customers and repeat customers are investment professionals and attorneys says a lot for the quality of our documents.

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